Parent Resources

This does not have to be your experience.

 There are many resources available for parents to help their children live drug-free lives.




The Parent Addiction Network


The Partnership at

The Partnership at is a great place to start. Learn how to be an advocate for your child at

Another national resources is SAMHSA’s Underage Drinking Campaign: “Talk They Hear You.” — There are tons of helpful resources for parents at this site! You’re not alone.

Here is something to keep handy. Times have changed. So have the drugs. Read this chart to know what’s available to your children. Drug Guide for Parents: Learn the Facts — Download the Chart





If you’re looking for video resources, consider these informative clips.

Snooping is Responsible Parenting. Really, it’s okay!


If you suspect your child is using drugs, you must intervene with absolute dedication.

Here is a short list of informative articles all parents should read:

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