Who We Are

Our Mission

“A coalition promoting responsible behaviors to reduce/prevent substance abuse and other risky activities among youth/adults in Grant County”.

We accomplish this by:

  • Educating our youth/adults in substance misuse/abuse
  • Encouraging our youth/adults to make healthy decisions
  • Providing leadership opportunities for youth/adults
  • Sponsoring drug-free activities in our communities
  • Collaborating and networking to maximize our resources and effectiveness

Our History

Once upon a time in Grant County, there were three coalitions who did wonderful work. There was the Safe Communities coalition, which focused on seatbelt awareness, child passenger safety, drunk driving, and underage drinking. There was another coalition, the Roundtable, which focused on reducing underage drinking and promoting positive youth development. There was also the Tobacco-Free coalition, which focused on preventing/reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. These coalitions often worked together as they planned youth leadership conferences, assisted local youth groups, did compliance checks together, and the list went on.

One day in 2004, there was an announcement of a grant for $100,000. Since these coalitions were already working together on multiple substance abuse prevention fronts, they realized that they could apply for the grant due to its multi-drug focus. Since they were applying for funding from the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support program and they needed to keep their name broad enough to encompass all of their objectives, they called themselves the Grant County Drug Free Coalition. To their amazement, they received the $100,000 Drug Free Communities Support Program grant for five years (for a total of $500,000) as they were able to meet their grant goals and objectives. In 2009, they reapplied for the DFC grant and once again, were able to receive this highly competitive national grant for another five years, this time $125,000 per year. In 2008, the coalition’s name was changed to S.A.F.E Grant County Coalition to better reflect all the aspects of the coalition. In addition, in 2008, the coalition wrote and successfully obtained a very competitive four-year STOP grant (entitled Stop Underage Drinking Now or SUDN) to further their work in alcohol abuse prevention and compliment the efforts of the DFC grant. S.A.F.E stands for Safe Actions For Everyone. The three original coalition’s work is still being done in the combined coalition along with many new initiatives. See further links for specifics about programs and projects.

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